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Writer's Block: Your First Record

What was the first music album you ever bought or owned? Do you still listen to it or have you moved on?

the first two albums i had and yes they were actually albums yanno vinyl. I still have them Michael Jackson's Thriller and Madonna's Like a Virgin. My mom bought both for me I would spend hours listening to them. I had other records as a kid but they were all disney albums handed down from my older aunts. And those story books that the record read to you i had snow white and cinderella and many others but those didn't count as much as Thriller or Like a Virgin cus those were mine not anything i had to share with my brothers.
I wish I had a record player to listen to them now I mean i have them both on my computer so i can listen to them whenever but I miss listening to music on vinyl.
I need to get those nifty new record players with the cd player and radio built in but whenever i have extra money it of course never goes to that.
I have since inherited (ok pretty much stolen) all my dad's albums from back in the day he's got the beatles white album, hendrix, the doors I would love to listen to them again. After my grandma died I got all of her Elvis albums too So i'd like to listen to those too.

maybe if i am really good this year for christmas santa will bring me a record player.

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