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ok i left the pics big don't be scared of my HUGE face lol

MAC Gracious me shadestick inner lid
MAC Lucky Jade shadesitck rest of lid
MAC Pink Source inner lid over gracious me
MAC Juxt right after pink source over lucky jade
MAC Golder's Green pigment over res of lid
MAC Humid outter V mixed with femme noir
MAC Pink Opal under brows
MAC lucky jade under lower lashes
MAC Divine lime upper lashline
Maybelline expert eyes pencil velvet black on lower inner rim

MAC well dressed
EL blush all day plum to contour
MAC shimpagne MSF to highlight

MAC mineralize satinfinish NW20
MAC studiomist light medium
MAC blot loose medium dark
MAC MSFN medium

Px lash builder
Diorshow wp black

MAC metalphysical chromeglass

Tags: fotd, fotn, my pics

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