Anya1976 (anya1976) wrote,

got a new perfume

ok i normally do not buy stuff by E.Arden But while shopping at kohls i saw they had a new summer perfume and i spritzed some on my wrist and i really loved it. My mom even loved it. I like to sniff new summer perfumes since i am still looking for one to use after my beloved Miami Glow is gone (which i use so sparingly it's not even funny)

Giorgio Beverly Hills Blue, 1.7 fl. oz.
The sun shines brightly, while the sweet ocean breeze tussles your feel the warmth of sand and know you have arrived. From the designer boutique lined streets of Rodeo Drive, to the cool blue water of the Pacific Ocean... Giorgio Beverly Hills Blue is a world of excitement and glamour...follow the sun.

Glamorous. Feminine. Bright.

Bright sparkling fruits, fresh dew-drenched white flowers and soft, sensual, woods combine to deliver a lasting impression of modern glamour.

Key Notes
  • Top: Water, Mandarin, Guava

  • Middle: Star Jasmine, Dew, Tuberose, Water Lily

  • Dry Down: Drift Wood, Musks, Tree Moss, Vanilla
Tags: my life, perfume

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