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ok i have been taken over by the olympics

I told myself i wasn't going to get into the hype... after the opening ceremonies and them being so amazing that went out the window.
I've been watching the coverage whenever i can (which is whenever i can find it on msnbc,nbc or usa network)
I've been making icons i know you know that if you look at your friends list lol

other than olympics stuff i have been thinking about the upcoming wedding reception thing at my aunts house that my grandpa is gonna be at. I am still not sure what i am going to do or how i am going to handle that situation. I am certainly not going to act like nothing has ever happened and give him a hug and shit. Too much time has passed for that.
But this is really really weighing on me. I just can't let bygones be bygones with this and greet him with open arms. I have to find the wedding invite so i know when this thing is exactly. I know it's a couple weeks away but i'd like to know exactly when so i can really brace myself.
Tags: grandpa drama, my life

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