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ok i am not really keen on telling everyone my dirty little secrets... but

I so need the dvds. I started watching originally at the end of season 3 and season 4 but i have been watching the reruns on soapnet and so now i am ALL caught up (except for my missing some of season 5 which i need to watch still but i have them recorded)
I didn't WANT to get hooked but i did. The ep that they just reran last week initially got me the school shooting.
I cried like a baby and i didn't even know who any of these characters were.
I so need the dvds. maybe one of these days when i can afford it i will get them. as i am hopelessly addicted. If i can't watch the reruns everyday i record them and then do a marathon on sunday night... ok i figure if i am spilling my guilty pleasure i might as well disclose all huh.
THANK GOD the OC doesn't do it for me huh lol
ok i feel better now that i told you all.
Yes My name is Angela I am 32 years old and LOOOOOVE One Tree Hill
Tags: guilty pleasures, my life

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