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been getting some random adds to f-lists lately...

with no one commenting to my journal SOOOO everyone not on my f-list that comments has to go thru CAPTCHA, not that i get many comments from anyone NOT on my f-list I do this on myspace and still get people commenting and writing soo obviously it doesn't deter from people messaging HOPEFULLY if someone is really interested in commenting here that captcha won't deter them. Since i really do like adding people. If they've at least commented somewhere or I kinda know where they've found me (ie communities, other peoples journals, thru other friends, friending frenzy's, you know the usual kinda of stuff lol)
I already screen comments from anyone not on my f-list but the captcha might deter bots (not that i've had many)
I just wanted to let ya'll know... granted the people who will read this are ALREADY on my f-list but i digress lol.
Tags: my life, random adds

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