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and my olympics addiction continues

dude i have been watching sports like non stop... i don't even LIKE sports lol i found myself watching basketball this morning USA against Greece. I was thinking some of the Greek boys were pretty cute.
I watched a bit of the kayaking the other day.
I've been watching more and more volleyball (beach and regular)
Generally during the olympics i stick to gymnastics diving and swimming SOMETIMES track and field stuff but not all that often.
what the hell will i do when this is all over? lol
after our power outage a couple weeks ago my tv has been screwed up which kinda pisses me off since its not all that old.
not much i can do about it though not enough cash to buy a new one. I guess if it goes completely out i think we have an extra one floating around here somewhere. it's smaller than mine but then it's a LCD panel while mine is a 20 inch flat screen but it's a componant so it's HUGE.
there is this like 2 inch "bar" at the top that is faded the color is more washed out and at times can distort whats "under" it.
not as annoying when something is in widescreen BUT if it's full screen it can get to be a pain in the ass. BUT it does still turn on and has a picture. I guess people in underdeveloped countries would love to have my tv just to have a tv right.

Ok well remember this wedding reception thing i keep saying is in a couple weeks. well it's saturday. way to write it on my calendar right.
I do not wanna go. I've been given the green light to do a fly by visit though.
go stay for a few then say i have plans and get the fuck outta dodge. I just don't want to get suckered into staying  by the kids. I know they will want me to stay cus i will sit and talk to them and stuff.
Another reason i do not wanna go is cus my mom's dad is gonna be there. My one aunt from michigan may be blowing off the whole extravaganza cus he's gonna be there. She wants nothing to do with him AT all. She really has a dislike for her dad. She's told me some of the stuff that happened and i don't blame her.
My mom was a little luckier since she was already married and out of the house by the time crap happened. After my Grandma died shit went to hell in a handbasket. Granted she died suddenly and threw EVERYONE for a loop and I can understand how that could fuck someone's life up.
But i guess to me not trying to make amends with your daughters is kinda fucked up. Choosing a piece of ass over your flesh and blood is kinda unforgivable. One of the major reasons my mom and her sisters are so close. They needed to band together and support each other.
We kept traditions  they had from when they were kids they just didn't include my grandfather. Yet our family has adopted and welcomed lots of people into our unit.
My brother's friends are welcomed like family and invited to pretty much any gathering. I've had friends and boyfriends that were welcomed that way too. That is if they can deal with lots of people and lots of talking,yelling,laughing and fun lol.

I hate the idea of doing a "fly by" cus i am usually one of the last people to leave since our gathers are so much fun. I am just not feelin this one.
Even my mom isn't feelin' this one. She's kinda dreading going.
Hard to believe one guy can bring down the whole atmosphere huh.
I kinda hope my cousin reads this post. She's 14 and just learning about some of the family drama b4 she was born. And in all honesty if she asks me I wont lie to her. I will give her at least information from MY perspective. She can always ask her Mother and maybe my aunt will tell her. Well when i was a kid i'd just listen to the adults talk (you learn a lot that way let me tell ya) Now if i want to know something about the situation I ask... after all i am an adult now lol I can make my own decisions on things esp THIS situation.
BUT... I am going to sign off for now i want to wash my face its feelin kind gross.
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