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what i hate about the olympic coverage....

when someone loses or doesn't finish whatever they are upset the reporters see this yet shove the cameras in their face and say "what are you feeling right now" well this person is upset dammit can't you see that assface leave them alone for a min.
I feel so badly when these athletes are crying or on the verge of tears and these assholes are in their face asking them how they are feeling or "what went wrong". Not all of these athletes are adults some are just kids leave them alone to be sad that they didn't finish in the top 3 or in first place for that gold medal.

Watching tonights coverage and how this little girl who didn't make it in diving is CRYING and these assholes are asking her how she's feeling.It's perfectly obvious how she feels dammit.
I realize that people want to see this i guess... but i really never liked all this crap. Yes i am happy for those who win and are running all over happy and honestly i'd rather see that then some little girls broken dreams of a gold medal sobbing because she didn't perform the way she wanted to.
Tags: my life, olympics, pet peeves

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