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aaaah crap i am playing the sims 2 again

Ok i have only the EP's til seasons i haven't gotten any of the newer ones cus i thought my computer was too slow to fish in seasons well I was fishin so maybe i should get the other eps. I don't even have most of the add on stuff which i should have gotten hopefully i can find them or something.
I was up all night playing and most of the day (finally went to sleep around 2 in the afternoon.
I need to find some hacked objects for the pets i want to keep their needs up somehow they are more fun when i can play with them all the time without that pesky need to sleep or eat or go to the bathroom.
If i disapear again for awhile i'll probably be simming.
I inadvertantly had one of my sims fall in love with her aunt's husband and have a kid with him oopsy. i forgot who was married to who it's been so long since i've played. when i invited him over and they had a date well the date went "very well" and i tried to propose engagement and it wasn't there so i clicked move in and saw who lived in his household and lo and behold it was my sim's aunt. whoops sorry lol. I don't like "jerry springer-ing" lots of families. I have one that is all crazy lol my gold digging sim married and old man has a kid by him (to cement the inheritance you know) he has a young son that ends up going to college when they are together he gets out of school and comes back dad dies and she's done had another kid with the male maid then after the old dude dies she gets busy with the son and has twins by him. she's one busy sim let me tell ya. I even had her get abducted by aliens and i think she had an alien baby ( god love the insiminator for allowing me to grow sims up quickly and do other stuff with them lol)
But i have to say i love my flamingo hacks and my muliti purpose painting is good too but none of those control my pets needs ggrr. if anyone knows any good reliable hacks that work with pets let me know.
ok i think i am gonna go play again lol
if ya have any good sims ya wanna share with me feel free to package them up and send'm on over always lookin for some good characters for my game.
Tags: my life, sims 2

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