Anya1976 (anya1976) wrote,

Writer's Block: The Meaning of Love

What does love mean to you, and why? Have you always felt this way?

Good question.
well Love means accepting someone for what they are and not trying to change or make better the other person. It doesn't mean LIKING everything about them but accepting it.
Everyone has faults if you love someone you don't have to like everything about them I mean I know my mom loves my dad but there are things about him that drive her insane lol.

Love is putting yourself out there even though you could get hurt, and STILL taking that chance.
Taking that leap into the unknown is part of the whole scariness of it.

To me love is all kinds of things. It's spending rainy days with someone. Walks on a beach holding hands and all that stuff from the movies as well as the day to day.
Someone calling to tell you they love you. Someone taking the time from a busy schedule just to be with you even for a few mins. It's picking up someone's fave candybar or something they like cus they've had a bad day. It's just being there FOR them to listen to them if they need someone to listen to them bitch.
It's not putting them before yourself but it's making them a priority in your life. Caring how their day went, caring about what's going on with them. Without some ulterior motive. Without thinking "if I listen maybe I can get THIS" from said person.
I know I am describing everything a friend is but isn't that kind of what love is, I know it's deeper but it's also the basis of everything that a TRUE friend is.

Have I always felt exactly like this about love? I don't think so, it used to be all romance and roses I guess but as I have gotten older it's kind of evolved. A quote I like is "love cannot be perfect. Love is just love" cus love isn't perfect love can be messy and complicated and REAL it isn't like tv and movies it's a leap of faith sometimes. Faith that the person you love will be there to catch you.

Ok i just woke up so if none of this makes sense I'm sorry lol
I guess I am glad i saw this question now when i am less guarded about my answer lol.
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