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I just posted to a community about a mortifying thing that has happened...

and it got me to thinking of what has happened that my dad or mom has said or whatever and my dad is lame and has a horrible sense of humor he thinks he's funny but never laughs at what is actually funny.

this will go after a cut lol

when i was 18 we had taken a family trip to vegas with my cousins and my aunt and uncle.
My gramps(my grandma passed away when i was 14) was there (my dad's father) and took video.
well it was a few months later my gramps had sent us a care package of stuff with the video from vegas.
My aunt and cousins were here for the weekend so mom was like ok lets watch it relive the trip cus we did have a really great time.
well the video was NOT us it was my grandpa having sex, pretty sure in vegas didn't watch it long enough to see lol. it was shut off b4 the kids realized what it was but i have to say that is UTTER mortification.
My mom then told my dad to have a talk with his father about videos he sends in the future lol.

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