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ok i have a slight obsession with pens. I love pens. I don't know why but i do. I looooove fine point pens that is like my drug of choice. I've dabbled with some fountain pens but they just didn't make me all that happy. I wanted to love them but they just didn't do it for me. Bic fine point pens used to be my absolute fave. When i was young my mom always bought us papermate and i guess those are ok but still i choose the fine point above all else. I used to long for those bic pens that i saw everyone else carrying in school. I came to loathe the papermate. I would secretly try to pawn off my a papermates and borrow bics from my friends.
Seriously the more pens i have the better. I have a big ole cup FILLED with pens I dont use them any more but i still keep them. I also like those girly foofy pens with feathers and crap on them BUT they dont always write that well which makes me sad.
Right now i use Pilot G2 gel ink pens i have all different colors hot pink purple teal blue maroon green and black

I have been looking for that uni-ball jet stream pen I can't seem to find it, partly cus i want one and I want to give one to my mother for when she writes checks. She just carries a regular old ball point pen in her checkbook and well the gel pens are better.
Does anyone else have a pen obsession???
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