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Writer's Block: Pardon You, Mr. Nixon

On September 8th, 1974, U.S. President Gerald Ford pardoned Richard Nixon. What limits should there be, if any, on pardoning power? What makes a pardon legitimate to you?


I guess a pardon should be granted to people who AREN'T guilty or were punished too severely for a small crime (Not that crimes are "small" but sometimes people are busted big time for more of a minor infraction while white collar criminals get away with everything and come out with a slap on the wrist). I mean i know here in IL there have been questions about confessions and statements taken by the police in the 80's and lots of people on death row and convicted of crimes were beaten til they confessed. Lots of people who have been in jail for 20 years or so have been released since they were innocent and were made to confess.
I can agree with pardons and such for people who didn't do the crime but if you do the crime you gotta do the time and whatever sentence was handed down.
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