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OK... I use some "netspeak" like OMG or LOL u instead of you
BUT i am rather annoyed at people who type "dat" instead of THAT.
a friend of mine is typing cool as "cul" i want to rip my fucking hair out.
It annoys me so much that i don't even want to talk to him.
I am sure people hate how i type sometimes but i do generally type out a whole word. You don't have to decipher something like it's a fucking code when i am typing to you.

text speak annoys me too(to me it's muuuuuuuch worse than netspeak or internet shorthands). to me it makes you look stupid. is it so hard to type out what instead of wat?
I may be old school but honestly if you can't type and this is how i am only communicating with you it makes you look like you are an idiot. First impressions are huge to me and CHATTING here online would be my only impression of you.
Someone who has gone thru school and is intelligent should be able to type the word what or that. I can understand if someone misspells something that's different but if you are doing it on purpose it just makes you look lazy.
I just can't believe there is a generation of people who prefer to look stupid by typing things incorrectly.

I am sorry to those on my friendslist who do this but i have been talking to him for a bit today so far and i seriously want to send him a copy of my spell checker.

ok i had to get that out
Tags: pet peeves

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