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Writer's Block: 9/11

What were you doing on September 11th, 2001? How do the events of that day hold meaning for you now?

well that morning i was sleeping after driving home from my then boyfriends house at like 5am. I woke up turned on the tv and saw what had happened. I called one of my friends to find out if she was watching tv, we always would call each other if something bad happened.
Called my mom at work and kinda told her stuff she didn't know since she was at work early that morning. Tried calling my boyfriend who was not answering his phone since he was still asleep he had the day off of work. Kinda had a phone tag thing happening with family. My uncle was in NY that day supposed to be in a meeting at morgan stanely/dean witter in the towers. We panicked all day until finally that night my aunt called us to tell us he had finally been able to call her. He was luckily late and was not in the building that morning.
Ok i can probably tell you everything i did that day since it's not a day i will likely forget. But i won't bore u with all the details.

It was eerie living near the airport and not hearing any planes.

every Sept. 11th I have sat and thought about everything that happened. I say a prayer for those killed and injured. I usually watch the tributes and remembrances on tv, and cry a lot.

I also think about a friend of mine who lost his brother in law in one of the planes that hit the towers and say a prayer for him and his family.

Even though it's been 7 years the sting of that day is still very much with me, and probably will be forever.
I know I wasn't impacted personally by it, I still was very effected by what had happened.

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