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damn you pepsi stuff points!!!!

ok i am rather annoyed. There was a cd i wanted it listed for 60 points granted it's taken me a little bit to get the 60 points as i don't drink pepsi but i get the points from my dad who obviously doesn't drink pepsi fast enough. Now I cannot download the whole cd there are certain songs for download for 5 points each. the ONLY reason i really have been saving these stupid points and wasting my time was for this one cd.
*shakes fist in the air* DAMN YOU PEPSI, DAMN YOU TO HELL

in other news i did finally finish watching heroes season 2 and I have to say it ended better than it started. I was bored when i had stopped watching (around ep 5) I can't wait til the new season starts.
I was only going to watch one or two episodes last night b4 i went to sleep. well i finished the rest of the shows I was up until 6am watching.
And I was bummed out when it was all over. I could not believe the ending. I need to know how nathan is?? did they really kill him??? OMG
I don't want to rush monday but dammit i can't wait to see the new shows. Even though I have to record one tree hill and heroes so i can watch dancing with the stars lol why does everything good have to be on ONE night and pretty much the rest of the week sucks tv wise.
I have greys and ugly betty on thursday and just NCIS on tuesday that's pretty much it. Everything I WANT to watch is on monday all at the same freakin time.
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