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ok it's come to this... I am talking about my dinner on LJ lol

ok today I tried something different. My aunt had told us how she's been making chicken on the grill. She makes it marinated in the sauce we make buffalo wings with. Louisiana hot sauce and unsalted butter.
What she usually does is only marinates it for an hour in a food saver bag with the air sucked out. My brother has our food saver so I couldn't do that. I marinated it for 3 hrs. the chicken is spicy and has the taste of our buffalo wing and it was really good.
I could have put more butter in to take a bit more of the spicey out and I will save some sauce to brush on the chicken while it's cooking on the grill. I used 2 bottles of sauce to have enough to cover the chicken in the pot.
Next time i will add more butter. BUT the chicken was really good. I will be making this again.
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