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Ok but most of you know this by now anyway so it's not news.
OK so on my not buying any sims 2 stuff thing for like a year i missed out buying stuff when it was released. NOW i am buying the expansion and stuff packs i missed right, well I cannot find one of the stuff packs to complete my collection. I need celebration stuff. I can buy it online and download it but I have no credit or debit card. I had one but not anymore. I looked on amazon since i do have a gift certificate there but they don't have it either. I saw they have it on ebay but no money in my paypal. times like these i wish i could take the gift card and move it to my paypal.
I am sure i could pay for it on the EA site with paypal too but i didn't check it out. Celebration stuff is now bundled in the sims 2 double deluxe. my issue is that i don't want to buy that when I already freakin have all the expansion packs all i need is the freakin stuff pack. I don't want to buy the double deluxe and shell out 30 dollars when the stuff pack i want is less than that individually yet i can't fnd it at the store where i can pay cash for it. Stupid EA they knew people would need that pack so they bundled it and took away all the stuff packs in the stores. I hate you EA I really really hate you

in other news i did buy the teen style stuff pack today while looking for celebration stuff. I guess next week i buy h&m stuff and until i am able to get celebration stuff i am pretty much done... until mansion stuff comes out.
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