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tiny mac haul

ok I was called today by the manager at the MAC store and was told that they had more barbie's in i had my name on the list i honestly didn't think i'd get one but they called me and said they were in. so i picked up barbie #2 I may be giving her to my cousin for her birthday or i will keep her a bit longer (her little sister has a habit of taking dolls that aren't supposed to be taken out of their boxes out and playing with them) I will put her down in my basement on our storage shelves so she doesn't get damaged (I'll probably put her in a couple plastic bags as well just to make sure) and i didn't have a lot of cash so i bought a blush pan i got coppertone, i am starting tanning next week (now that all my shows have had their finales i wont be missing anything) I am hoping to haul big time next week when moonbathe gets released i am sure i will post pics of that haul
Tags: mac, mac haul

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