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happy thursday

well today started out earlier than usual for me had to be there to watch the kids an hour earlier. Had a strange dream but it was oddly fulfilling i woke up and giggled a bit.
traffic was like non existent so driving was awesome. Then i get to the mcdonalds drive thru and freak out cus i can't find my 20 dollar bill granted i had a 10 so used that to pay but i am now freaking out cus i could not find my 20 dollars i KNEW was in my purse so i freak out as i continue to drive to Kelly's.
I get to kelly's and tear apart my purse looking for the 20 dollar bill i found it thank goodness.
I"ll need it for this weekend if this weekend goes to plan. Since it's my treat if i end up going to the drive in like I want to do.
I hope we get to go  i really really wanna go.

well Liam didn't wake up the whole time i was over there. Kinda missed playin with him but i'll see him next week.

Dad is having surgery to get the bag removed next friday and since it's friday I am sure mom will want me to go with her. which will kinda suck i freakin hate hospitals. Especially since the past few years dad's been in for one surgery or another. You'd think he'd start taking care of himself so he could avoid these surgeries.

Now i am chilling out before dinner. Dad is making Corned beef. I am so not hungry i stuffed myself at lunch but i will eat a bit of dinner then probably have some leftovers later on.

Ok so this is what's happened in my day today how was yours?



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Oct. 17th, 2008 07:40 am (UTC)
sorry to hear that i hope tomorrow is better for ya.

well this surgery should be easier than the first... soo all should go well for him. I am sure i will write all about it next week.
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