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I've been screencapping some tv shows

ok so this is what i've been doing the past few days yes cus i am lame but never mind that just now.
I ask that you credit me for the caps
they are  HDTV caps 624x352
Download here from my sendspace folder
if nothing keeps being downloaded then they will be removed by sendspace so please if you know of anyone who wants these caps send on the link to the folder.
right now i have grey's anatomy, cold case, and NCIS in there. I also watch one tree hill, ugly betty and life on mars and can cap them if someone wants

Here is a sample of my caps

this is a cap from Cold Case

for those on my friends list I can cap movies my dvd list is listed on my journal.
 This is from the movie Hope Floats which I capped from my DVD

Tags: dvd list, screencaps

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