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i am in love with my new body wash

mom and i were wandering around walgreens today.
we had bought a burt's bees body wash b4 and liked it. I like that it's made without all the chemicals most washes are made with. I wanted to try a different "flavor" so i bought the milk and shea butter (well cus of the smell)
OMG i am in LOVE with the smell. I need a body lotion that smells like this.
it reminds me of the sundown sunblock my mom used to put on us when we were kids. I need to check the body lotion in the "naturally nourishing" area of burt's bees body stuff see if it smells the same as the body wash cus if it does i am sooo buying it.
I think i am going to be more of a burt's bees user cus the products don't contain all the crap that most things do and i know my skin does react to that.
I have excema and some things make my skin so out of control it's not even funny. My face seems to like the origins products and the more natural things i have found. I have a C.O Biglow moisturizer but ti's the extra light kind with winter coming i am wanting to buy the regular moisturizer see how that works. i have been using the extra light version in conjunction with my Clinique moisture surge extra thirsty skin relief and in my  "excema areas"  hairline, in between my eyebrows and forehead in patches is helping. BUT since i stopped using just my jojoba oil to moisturize the blackheads on my nose and right around it have returned. when i was just using that they disapeared. I also started wearing my glasses more too. (around the house if i am going out i put my contacts in b4 i leave and generally take them out when i am at home again)
and with wearing my glasses i dont like using the oil on my nose anyway since i have the nose pieces on my nose most of the time now.

 I am really trying to go more natural with my face stuff because of my excema. yes it has gotten better over the years i've learned better how to control the redness and the itchy flakyness but at times it does flare up and there is not all that much i can do about it but try not to scratch and pick at it (which can be really hard dammit)

I took a shower with the new body wash and my skin does not feel dried out it feels clean and smooth and smells just yummy i love this "sunblock" smell it reminds me of our summers at the beach. I wish i  still had my demeter pick me up spray in summer vacation cus that smelled like sunblock too i just wish it lasted longer thats why i returned it if i still had that i could layer it with this body wash.

Ok i think i am gonna try to sleep now. I had amassive headache which is why i am still up cus i can't sleep with my head pounding (also another reason why i took a nice hot shower so late lol)



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Oct. 27th, 2008 08:33 pm (UTC)
OMG their milk and honey lotion which is gentle enough for face though is for body is DIVINE.
Oct. 27th, 2008 09:25 pm (UTC)
i think all their stuff is gentle enough for wherever you use it actually. since it's not made with harsh chemicals and stuff. I am thinkin of running to walgreens tonight to check out what they have and if they have the lotion i want to smell
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