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i cannot sleep

ok i got home at like 4:30am.
I went out on a "date"... not a regular date we just went to one of those 24 stores and walked around bought a few things. but mostly wandered the aisles.
it was fun.
BUT i probably should not have gone out i was feeling a tad better but now i cannot sleep. Maybe it was the cappuccino John bought me at oh 3am
I didn't feel all amped up from it though when i was drinking it.
My nose is now more clogged than b4 making it hard to breathe i just broke down and took some sinus stuff.
I got a couple books last night Georgiana: Duchess Of Devonshire can't wait to read that it's the book that was made into a movie starring Keira  Knightley and i bought the first twilight book i kinda wanna see what all the hype is about.
I have to say i love wandering around stores that are open 24hrs the middle of the night rocks for shopping let me tell ya. it's so quiet there are no lines. it's a beautiful thing.
I really really need a few hours sleep i am fucking sooo tired. I cant use a humidifier in my room cus the chinchillas are in here and it makes it too humid for them their fur will just absorb the water like nobodys business.
i am very tempted to take a sleeping pill
I need to get sleep b4 the kids get out of school and start trick or treating cus then our doorbell will be ringing and i am on candy duty.

oh yea happy halloween all!! I hope you all have a great ghoulish kind of day ;)
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