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had to do some calling to my aunts but we made witches brew

I could not find this thing at all but i called my aunt and she had it.
I will add the recipe to this post though.
Well as i think i said b4 i am losing my voice so i sound GREAT. Of course everyone i talk to today says "wow you sound terrible" so i of course say thank you.
I talked to my sister in law today and she asked me if her sister (who i babysit for) had told me that in addition to Kelly's kids I will be watching my niece or nephew when Gayle goes back to work. Kelly is home 3 days a week since she has her own chiropractic practice and makes her own hours. This is why i only watch the kids twice a week. But since Kelly is gonna watch the baby on tuesday and thursday I'll be watching the baby too. I am kind of excited cus i really didnt think i'd see the baby all that much.

We didn't have that many trick or treaters but we had more than we had last year. My mom got all excited to see the costumes and hand out candy.

My dad will HOPEFULLY be coming home tomorrow they still haven't given him solid food yet and they are kinda waiting for him to have a BM and without solid food that's kinda not gonna happen.

Ok now if you only tuned in for the recipe here it is.

2-1/2 lbs of ground beef (or turkey whatever you choose)
3 cans of hunt's special tomato sauce
2 cans of diced tomatoes
2 cups of onion
2 cups of green pepper
1 can of chedder cheese soup.
1 small box of creamettes

brown the meat drain and rinse
while the meat is draining sautee the green pepper and onion in some olive oil
then add the tomato sauce add the meat back in and let it cook a bit (10 mins)
then the dumping begins lol add the tomatoes and cheese soup
cook for another 10 mins get all the flavors melding nicely start boilinng water for your noodles
spice to taste if you like garlic add that this time we added emeril's essance and orignal mrs dash
i cook it til the noodles are done.
then we drain the noodles you can add them to the witches brew or have them on the side to add yourself how much or how little you want.
then if you have it put chedder cheese on top or whatever kind of cheese you like to have that all melty on the top of everything
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