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Total Impulse buy...

Yesterday I went to walgreens to get some girly products and cough medicine that my aunt said ROCKED (which honestly does cus i've been able to sleep)
I of course made the mistake of walking thru the perfume gift set area.
they had a tommy bahama perfume set with 3 .5fl oz perfumes in it, which I immediately grabbed like it was the last twinkie on a planet with no food.
Tommy Bahama Signature
Set Sail St. Bart's
Set Sail South Seas

I already have a huge bottle of SSSB but a mini bottle is great for throwing in a purse or leaving at someome's house if i ever have an actual boyfriend.
Set Sail South Seas is fucking fantastic. I so need a big bottle of this. Hopefully I can find one for myself when i have some extra cash.
The signature scent is pretty I have to put it on my skin i just sprayed it on a piece of paper to smell it. I smell lots of honeysuckle which I do like.
But of course before i decide if i want a full bottle i need to wear it see how it is on me.

I am still looking for something to take the place of my beloved Miami Glow when i run out
Tags: my life, perfume

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