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trying a chicken recipe...

got up earlier than i wanted to do this so when mom gets home for lunch she can try them.I just hope it'll be done by the time she gets home.
I started later than i wanted cus i could not find the cheese i needed.
then i had a hard time cutting the chicken tenders into smaller pieces. I hate touching raw meat so this was like the worst thing EVER for me to do.
So finally an hour later i got this stuff in the oven. the amount i used for the breading on the chicken was just about perfect as i had none left over. BUT since the recipe i had didnt give me measurements of anything i kinda had to wing it.

Now it's all in the oven, I am tired cus of course i didn't go to bed til way late. I guess that will be an excuse to go to bed early tonight.

My mom told me that we are now having Wings the saturday after thanksgiving. My aunt called her and told her she has to work so wings will be at our house. which won't be that bad since we are doing my SIL's baby shower here on friday so it'll pretty much be set up for a party anyway.
and i like it when it's here cus then i don't have to get up super early and honestly i barely even have to get dressed up lol. since it's at my house.

Right now i am craving some pumpkin spice coffee this shit is gonna turn me into a regular coffee drinker i swear.
I was supposed to get some last night but those plans fell thru. I never got a phone call like i expected.

I am also trying to figure out the best way to make fan vids. I found this one site for hints and tips and it's rather complicated.
(so if anyone has tips for the programs they use let me know) I have Ulead videostudio but I haven't gotten any better results than if i was using microsoft movie maker.
Have a great day everyone
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