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dammit!!! ok i just broke the wash machine

ok granted this isnt the first time it's done this BUT i am in the middle of washing my down comforter.
now i need to find a 24hr landromat so i can finish washing. I dont need to dry it there i can wash it wherever and bring it home to dry in my dryer.
I hate going places by myself cus well i am a chicken but I need to get this washed.
I called my mom told her i broke the machine and that i would call sears well i just talked to sears and i have to call back in an hour cus they are doing system maintenance dammit

update I didn't break the washer i am dumb lol so my mom is pissed i'll tell her tomorrow it's fine lol it's now in the dryer.
i mean i was thisclose to going to  this 24hr laundromat i found I am keeping the address just for future reference lol.
granted i won't wash my duvet much the cover yes but the actual down duvet not that much cus how dirty does it get when its in the cover. well except when it gets PEED on.
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