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well after the "excitement" yesterday today is rather boring lol
I didn't break anything none of my pets almost died... again.
I am just kinda here.

BUT i do have to say there is nothing like crawling into a freshly made bed everything smells so good. *sigh* it's heaven.
This week is gonna be busy since we are having the baby shower here on friday then now we are having our chicken wing party on saturday.
My aunt Linda was supposed to have wings at her house but she is now having to work. It shouldn't be bad since everything will still be up from friday (tables and chairs and all that)
there is still lots of my brother's stuff here  maybe tomorrow he will come get the rest of it since he's off of work mon/tues. Otherwise mom is just gonna box it up and put it in the garage or somewhere cus we need to start cleaning the basement getting it ready for people to be here. and clean the bedrooms and wash the sheets on the sofa bed not sure where Samantha is sleeping yet so she's cleaning all the sheets on all the beds.
this week should be interesting
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