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Writer's Block: Gobble Gobble

Today is Thanksgiving in the U.S., one of the few American holidays where the only things you're expected to buy are groceries. Some cooks like to go all out (see: turducken), others prefer to just go out. What kind of cook are you?
I don't cook thanksgiving dinner.
my cousins and I have talked about when we all take it over and what a disaster it will be lol.
Shit will be burned or fucked up in some way lol our parents do things so much better lol
My brother makes a turkey last year was his first year making it and well he was an hour later with it. Ok granted we generally have 3 turkeys for dinner a ham and sausage and sauerkraut but we still have to wait for him to show up to eat since you can't just start dinner without everyone.
I am a good cook normally though so when it is my time to start cooking thanksgiving dinner I am sure it won't be that disastrous.

I am sure tomorrow we will all be sitting around talking about how when we start carrying on this family tradition it'll be fucked up lol cus most of my cousins really do not cook they reheat.
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