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Writer's Block: Tales from the Registers

Whether you call it Black Friday or Buy Nothing Day, today is going to be a long day for those who work in retail. The customer might always be right in the store, but here on LJ let's hear some stories about times when the customer was wrongedy wrong wrong.
oh crap a good question and I can't really think of anything..
The only thing i can really think of is an Indian woman when I was in vegas years and years ago. we were at one of the gift shops in Circus Circus. My little brother was buying something and it was just taking forever. The woman in front of him was wanting something but trying to get the price down. Saying that since it was the ONLY one in stock she wanted 25% off there was nothing wrong with the only one they had in stock and she only wanted one. She was giving the sales lady a hard time about it then finally walked out.
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