February 11th, 2007

MA - Kirsten Dunst "powder puff" 2

Power of Being Big

Power of Being Big
By Gwen-Nicole O'Neal

I am Big and Beautiful
I have curves like you've never seen
Yes, when I walk, I jiggle
I have lots of Junk in my Trunk
I know where I shop
I know what I eat
But when I put it down
It cannot be beat.
You girls that are 1's and 2's
You do not know the pleasure that is me
My sisters that are 20's and up
Know the pleasure of not giving up.
We strive in a world that looks down on us,
We persevere in a society that wants none of us.
We love like no other
Our style can not be beat.
You tell us we would be pretty if we lost weight
Maybe if you gained a pound or two
You'd understand the glory that comes with being us.
Our skin is smooth
Our shape is curved
We don't need plastic surgery to give us an ass,
We do it Au Natural,
We do it with Cls.
So this is a call to all my Big, Beautiful Sisters.
Stand Up, Stand Proud.
For we are the true leaders of this land.
We love from the heart
Not our eyes.
We dress for ourselves
Not for society.
We are Big
We are Beautiful
We are WOMAN!