May 5th, 2008

BBW 01 - big can be beautiful

The International No Diet Day

The International No Diet Day (INDD) is an annual celebration of body
acceptance and body shape diversity. This day is also dedicated to raise
awareness of the dangers in diets. This day is observed on May 6, and its
symbol is a light blue ribbon, similar to the red ribbon of the World AIDS

INDD is a day to: 
Take a day off from whatever crazy diet plan you are following and instead
honour listening to, respecting and responding to your body's unique hunger
and satiety needs. 
Celebrate the beauty and diversity of ALL our natural sizes and shapes
Affirm everyBODY's right to health, fitness, and emotional well-being
Declare a personal one-day moratorium on diet/weight obsession
Learn the facts about weight-loss dieting, health, and body size
Recognise how dieting perpetuates violence against women
Honour the victims of eating disorders and weight-loss surgery
Help end weight discrimination, sizism and fatphobia
Wear your light blue ribbon and take the pledge:
That I will not diet for one day, on May 6, International No Diet Day (INDD)

Instead of trying to change my body to fit someone else's standards, I will
accept myself just as I am.
I will feed myself if I'm hungry.
I will feel no shame or guilt about my size or about eating.
I will think about whether dieting has improved my health and well-being or
And I will try to do at least one thing I have been putting off "until I
lose weight".
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