September 24th, 2008

MA - Kirsten Dunst "opera"

six things meme

I was tagged by the lovely Gemma

Grace Notes @ Snarkattack :: six things meme:
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  1. I was not born in Illinois yet my parents or any of my family has never lived in the state i was born in.
  2. I do not like my food touching on my plate, I wish every plate was like a school lunch tray with slots for different things
  3. I am the oldest of 22 cousins on my mom's side of the family
  4. The only class i ever really did well in, in school was history.
  5. I really really really hate tomatoes and sometimes will not eat things even if they've touched tomatoes since it can still have the tomato taste.Yet i love ketchup, tomato sauce and crushed tomatoes in soups, but fresh from the vine tomatoes make me gag.
  6. I hate to cook try to avoid it but yet i make a kick ass spaghetti sauce.

I am not going to tag anyone