October 26th, 2008

suffragette 01

Ladies don't forget to vote in the upcoming election

I was going to make a vid but i did some searching on youtube and found quite a few
if you haven't seen the movie Iron Jawed Angels I really suggest you check it out. It was an HBO movie. I know i have talked about it b4 but I really do love this movie. I am trying to track it down in a store near me but nowhere has it. I have no credit card so I can't order it online since EVERYONE has it online.
I did find it online(to download sssshhh) so I did make some screencaps but i MUST have this movie.
I'll have to go to a store to see if they can order it for me. I would like to have this movie to show to my younger female cousins especially the ones old enough to vote. Maybe remind my mom and my aunts how important it is (i know most of them do vote though)

Ok but here is the little vid i found.. check it out.

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