October 31st, 2008

my chinchilla - Frost

i cannot sleep

ok i got home at like 4:30am.
I went out on a "date"... not a regular date we just went to one of those 24 stores and walked around bought a few things. but mostly wandered the aisles.
it was fun.
BUT i probably should not have gone out i was feeling a tad better but now i cannot sleep. Maybe it was the cappuccino John bought me at oh 3am
I didn't feel all amped up from it though when i was drinking it.
My nose is now more clogged than b4 making it hard to breathe i just broke down and took some sinus stuff.
I got a couple books last night Georgiana: Duchess Of Devonshire can't wait to read that it's the book that was made into a movie starring Keira  Knightley and i bought the first twilight book i kinda wanna see what all the hype is about.
I have to say i love wandering around stores that are open 24hrs the middle of the night rocks for shopping let me tell ya. it's so quiet there are no lines. it's a beautiful thing.
I really really need a few hours sleep i am fucking sooo tired. I cant use a humidifier in my room cus the chinchillas are in here and it makes it too humid for them their fur will just absorb the water like nobodys business.
i am very tempted to take a sleeping pill
I need to get sleep b4 the kids get out of school and start trick or treating cus then our doorbell will be ringing and i am on candy duty.

oh yea happy halloween all!! I hope you all have a great ghoulish kind of day ;)
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i am very aggravated!!

Ok i spent the last 20 mins looking for the witches brew recipe I have no idea where it is. I might have to see if i can find something like it online.
mom is buying the ground meat and we are going to play it by ear.
cus what i remember is
1 can of tomato sauce
1 can of diced tomatoes
1 can of chedder cheese soup
1package of ground beef

then i think
we added
chopped onion
and some chopped green pepper.

when i called my mom to ask if she remembered anything else i am kinda losing my voice. I don't think i've ever lost my voice before.
Kids should be starting to come trick or treating so i need to get the front porch light on and put the candy in easy reach.
the dogs should be lots of fun since the doorbell is going to be ringing. they arent allowed in the living room today since the candy is going to be by the front door.
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had to do some calling to my aunts but we made witches brew

I could not find this thing at all but i called my aunt and she had it.
I will add the recipe to this post though.
Well as i think i said b4 i am losing my voice so i sound GREAT. Of course everyone i talk to today says "wow you sound terrible" so i of course say thank you.
I talked to my sister in law today and she asked me if her sister (who i babysit for) had told me that in addition to Kelly's kids I will be watching my niece or nephew when Gayle goes back to work. Kelly is home 3 days a week since she has her own chiropractic practice and makes her own hours. This is why i only watch the kids twice a week. But since Kelly is gonna watch the baby on tuesday and thursday I'll be watching the baby too. I am kind of excited cus i really didnt think i'd see the baby all that much.

We didn't have that many trick or treaters but we had more than we had last year. My mom got all excited to see the costumes and hand out candy.

My dad will HOPEFULLY be coming home tomorrow they still haven't given him solid food yet and they are kinda waiting for him to have a BM and without solid food that's kinda not gonna happen.

Ok now if you only tuned in for the recipe here it is.
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