November 23rd, 2008

my chinchilla - Frost

had a scare tonight

Ok i had decided to take the chinchillas out to play for a bit now that the dogs are gone.
Frost and Milo have lived separate for about 2 years after milo chased frost around the big cage and frost ended up breaking his toe and I had ot put Frost in my small travel cage.
I figured I would have the both of them in the same space get them re-acquainted cus i would like them to live together again.
Milo was of course proving he's the dominant male and was making it known there was a bit of fur flying but there was no blood or anything like that I would break it up and each would go to their side of the bathroom.
Well after awhile i had scooped Frost up and was holding him. It wasn't long after that i decided to put them back in their respective cages.
Milo was fine I Put him in his cage and he was bouncing all over the place.
I put Frost in and he was all laying and not moving i put his dust bath in the cage and he hopped in but looked like he was going to sleep rather than take a bath.
I took him out of the dust bath i had to physically take him out of the dust house.
I put the dust bath in milo's cage and he went to town taking  a bath..
Frost was all lethargic looking. I picked him up and he was limp like a rag doll. Ok he was really starting to scare me I thought maybe i'll see if he wants a treat. I grabbed a raisin and those are normally like chinchilla crack. he ate it but he didn't grab it like he normally would and i tried giving him a second and he didn't even eat it.
now he was really freakin me out. he seemed to get more lethargic after that and seriously he was like a doll i could pretty much do anything i wanted with him.
so now i am listening for his heartbeat i am seeing if he's still breathing i even took him outside in the cold air to see if that might get him moving.
Nothing seemed to work. I laid him down on my comforter on my bed and laid next to him i was stroking his fur and talking to him. I noticed that when i was touching his back feet that he moved them so i kept touching his feet. then he peed on my comforter and seemed to be much better. I had to put him in his cage to clean the mess then i decided to strip the cover off and by the time i came back from the basement he was moved from the ledge that i placed him on eating.
man i was freakin out though.
I am sure he was just bummed that milo was proving his dominance or something but OMG i was so scared.

but now i figured since i had to wash the duvet cover i'd wash my down comforter and sheets which will probably take all night since  once the comforter is in the wash i will have to dry it on low til it's completely dry.
I also have a fiber fill mattress cover that i am washing which will take some time to dry as well.
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dammit!!! ok i just broke the wash machine

ok granted this isnt the first time it's done this BUT i am in the middle of washing my down comforter.
now i need to find a 24hr landromat so i can finish washing. I dont need to dry it there i can wash it wherever and bring it home to dry in my dryer.
I hate going places by myself cus well i am a chicken but I need to get this washed.
I called my mom told her i broke the machine and that i would call sears well i just talked to sears and i have to call back in an hour cus they are doing system maintenance dammit

update I didn't break the washer i am dumb lol so my mom is pissed i'll tell her tomorrow it's fine lol it's now in the dryer.
i mean i was thisclose to going to  this 24hr laundromat i found I am keeping the address just for future reference lol.
granted i won't wash my duvet much the cover yes but the actual down duvet not that much cus how dirty does it get when its in the cover. well except when it gets PEED on.
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Writer's Block: Hair of the Dog

In advance of holiday excesses, let's review cures for the common hangover. Coffee, cheeseburgers, raw eggs, lemons and worcestershire sauce—what works? What doesn't?

I've never had a hangover (been drunk maybe a handful of times in my life) so I've never needed one. I hear the best way to overcome a hangover is to take asprin/tylenol/advil and to drink as much water/gatoraide as possible before going to bed.
ELF- free candy


well after the "excitement" yesterday today is rather boring lol
I didn't break anything none of my pets almost died... again.
I am just kinda here.

BUT i do have to say there is nothing like crawling into a freshly made bed everything smells so good. *sigh* it's heaven.
This week is gonna be busy since we are having the baby shower here on friday then now we are having our chicken wing party on saturday.
My aunt Linda was supposed to have wings at her house but she is now having to work. It shouldn't be bad since everything will still be up from friday (tables and chairs and all that)
there is still lots of my brother's stuff here  maybe tomorrow he will come get the rest of it since he's off of work mon/tues. Otherwise mom is just gonna box it up and put it in the garage or somewhere cus we need to start cleaning the basement getting it ready for people to be here. and clean the bedrooms and wash the sheets on the sofa bed not sure where Samantha is sleeping yet so she's cleaning all the sheets on all the beds.
this week should be interesting
Friends - rachel on ross's back

I've been screencapping some tv shows

ok so this is what i've been doing the past few days yes cus i am lame but never mind that just now.
I ask that you credit me for the caps
they are  HDTV caps 624x352
Download here from my sendspace folder
if nothing keeps being downloaded then they will be removed by sendspace so please if you know of anyone who wants these caps send on the link to the folder.
right now i have grey's anatomy, cold case, and NCIS in there. I also watch one tree hill, ugly betty and life on mars and can cap them if someone wants

Here is a sample of my caps
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