December 9th, 2008

xmas story - ho ho ho


I just got the best thing so far and so completely unexpected!!!!!
Of course i had been talkin about the lamby's at bath and body works cus they are freakin awesome and how i wanted everything from that so i could cuddle when i sleep.
Kelly pb_lil_bit16 sent me the little baby lamby along with a card. I am in complete shock. This is just so unexpected and so so sweet. Believe me if i didn't have to baby sit this afternoon I'd be taking a nap with it  this afternoon.
I have to go take a shower to get ready to leave already late since i had to at least write this post.
The complete sweetness is why i love my LJ friends.

I guess I do send good karma out cus this is the kindness that comes back to me.

again thank you soo much!!!!
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