December 19th, 2008

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Writer's Block: Now Showing

The holiday season is a big time for box office revenues. What Hollywood releases are you looking forward to seeing in the theater this month? What would you not go see even if someone paid you?

I don't think I'll be seeing anything really. the tom cruise flick looks cool but unfortunately stars Tom Cruise.
at one time i'd see anything he was in but i think that was way before he became a pod person (along with john travolta and kelly preston).

I've become a tad more picky with movies i want to see now that they cost an arm and a leg to actually see something at the theater. Ok granted i go see the harry potter movies but it's tradition that i go with my aunt and cousins since we've all read the books and whatever.
I in general will not watch movies even if someone paid me starring paris hilton lindsey lohan (except the parent trap remake she was in yeaaaaaaars ago) Gwyneth paltrow I also generally hate Cameron diaz but she's a case by case basis i love the movie the holiday she's not all that annoying in it and i can stare at jude law so he makes up for quite a bit. I did avoid it for the longest time just cus she was in it. I waited til it was on cable and not even right after it started showing on cable it was like a year after it started showing on cable lol.

I also really hate crappy remakes. You'd think that instead of remaking a GOOD movie that they will completely turn into crap or making a live action movie out of a cartoon and making it suck horribly they'd be creative and write something uuum NEW and fresh isn't that what these writers get paid so much to do. oh wait those are the independent movie makers that are new and fresh and cool until big companies make the cool fresh new people into clones and then suck too.

ok but that being said I love horror movies but not the pg-13 horror-lite crap. something that might actually scare the pants off me.I do enjoy a good psychological thriller something that makes you think not just some crap that they have to spoon feed the audience "horror" oh yea and generally any zombie movies i love those.
ELF Santa! - creator unknown

i like semagic BUT

why do they not have an embed code for embedding video to posts??? can i add that somewhere or something.
cus honestly if i could use some alternate way to do that i would hardly post from the webpage. deepest sender has issues with posting user names that they haven't fixed yet granted i don't post user names often but when i want to i can't use DS for that. and who remembers the code to be able to do it when you arent on the webpage or whatever.
I need shortcuts man!!!!
I totally admit that i use my LJ add on's for firefox all the time for stuff like that but when i am not posting from the webpage I don't have those shortcuts.
so just wondering semagic users... is there a way to kind of add on the shortcuts you use the most to the program?? well ones that aren't already on here?? another awesome feature would be posting the same message to different communities in one shot like you can post to multiple journals