December 28th, 2008

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Haven't really updated much lately..

but i am sure everyone understands since it was Christmas.
well wed night we went out to dinner for Christmas eve we always go out to eat Christmas eve my aunt and uncle and couple of cousins have started joining us in the last few years.
We went to wildfire and had a fabulous meal.
afterward we went to my brother's house. That was a good time too. mom and i didn't get home til like 2:30am
christmas day was low key i didn't get out of bed til about noon my other brother and sister in law came over for dinner so they got here a bit early and we went thru stockings and stuff.

I got 2 gift cards for borders, a gift card for McDonald's (I also got an arch card from Kelly for christmas for watching the kids) & a gift card for sephora :)
i got some miami glow perfume a mini of philosophy's pure grace perfume
my camera of course the nikon coolpix s550
a 4 gig SD card for my camera :)
a couple body washes from bath and body works enchanted orchid & sensual amber
a body spray from bath and body works enchanted orchid
cute PJ's
my mom gave me the gift with purchase makeup stuff she got from estee lauder when she got her perfume the 2 makeup bags the 3 lipsticks the 2 lipglosses like 12 eyeshadow palette and 3 cheek colors
my two barbies (technically 3 since one is a 2 barbie set)
i got that save a blade thing i saw it at walgreens and mom said she get it for my stocking (LOOOOVE the as seen on tv aisle at walgreens)
and earrings

mom made a fabulous turkey dinner for christmas.
Then dad ended up not having to go where he thought he had to for work so he didn't have to go anywhere til later so he parked his work truck around the corner from the house came home and mom and dad went to my brother Mike's house for awhile. They came home with the 3 diggies for a sleep over. then around midnight he went and finished his run but got paid for hanging out at home and at my brothers house.

friday i spent the day with the doggies cus i didn't know when they were going home.

yesterday we dealt with water in the basement. today i havent done ANYTHING.
MA - Kirsten Dunst "powder puff" 2

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  • 23:04 water still coming in.... freeze baby freeze #
  • 00:03 debating on going to borders tomorrow they are having decent sales on stuff #
  • 01:08 Listening to the wind blow stuff around as it gets stronger #
  • 01:51 it's finally cold again ... about time!! i hope to never say those words again #
  • 02:01 hhm do i really want to watch desperately seeking susan right now #
  • 02:22 finally uploaded some makeup stash pics to my scrapbook #
  • 02:28 Writer's Block: Easy Like Sunday Morning #
  • 04:18 about to go to sleep but watching two of a kind on encore instead damn 80's weekend sucked me in #
  • 12:23 ack i cannot get to facebook. going thru slight withdrawls. #
  • 13:57 debating on going to borders... is 20%off that good of a coupon to get dressed and go?? i'm not sure #
  • 14:02 The Best Buzzwords of 2008 (and Why You Shouldn’t Use Them) | The Copywriter Underground #
  • 14:02 ok watching the 80's weekend on encore makes me wanna be a kid again when these movies came out *sigh* #
  • 14:54 ok i need another way to store my makeup uploaded some pics of the "stash" I think i need a trip to the contoner store #
  • 15:52 the question is do i want to return MUFE's HD powder it gives a white cast in pics and it's SILICA which isnt good for u to breathe #
  • 17:16 chicken mcnuggets = food of the gods #
  • 17:30 SPCA: Wilkes-Barre woman markets pierced kittens -- #
  • 17:38 watching Weird Science... i love this movie #
  • 19:16 Haven't really updated much lately.. #
  • 19:19 ok going to watch back to the future, i shall be back later... or sooner who knows when the mood will strike to look something up online #
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