December 29th, 2008

MA - Kirsten Dunst "powder puff" 2

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  • 23:01 Imported Tweets #
  • 23:42 oops fell asleep it'll be fun getting BACK to sleep #
  • 00:39 watching romeo + juliet i should have gone back to get baz luhrmann's red curtian trilogy set even though i already own moulin rouge #
  • 01:25 OMG velvet goldmine is on tonight why does it have to start so late ggrr #
  • 02:55 up late watching movie and there is no one online to chat with *sigh* being a night owl sucks sometimes #
  • 03:16 Quote of the day #
  • 03:24 *sigh* still not all that tired and the movie is almost over #
  • 05:07 ok gonna try to sleep now that it's 5am #
  • 13:44 another meaningless widget #
  • 13:49 debating what to make for dinner tonight, watching soapnet gotta love one tree hill reruns. darn it i have started getting into OC reruns #
  • 14:20 email crom cousins they want to spend the night this week, i forgot i told them to come on their xmas vacation.. #
  • 14:21 ok so i can't spell today... sue me #
  • 15:00 Gorilla farts so bad zoo forced to apologize #
  • 16:02 looks like i have the day free tomorrow #
  • 16:38 making dinner... ok it was a box dinner so it was easy lol #
  • 18:17 The Truth About Diet Soda on Yahoo! Health #
  • 18:19 ugh i am now addicted to friendfeed as well as twitter... why do i keep getting sucked in by these sites? #
  • 21:33 holy hell it's 9:30 where has the night gone??? #
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