January 25th, 2009

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historic moment

I actually finished a jar of moisturizer. I haven't finished anything in years (well besides my face washes)
I just used the last of my jar of Clinique moisture surge extra thirsty skin relief  I generally use a bit under my regular moisturizer since that is what it's made for it's  a gel based moisturizer that works best with another. I got another jar here my mom had gotten it in a gift at christmas but she doesn't use it so she gave it to me. Now i just have to start using my burt's bees radiance day creme more often I keep meaning to but i've been using my CO Bigelow deluxe moisturizer instead (i dig the chamomile scent). I hate using jars though that you have to stick your fingers in maybe i can scoop out the burts bees stuff and put it in a squeeze tube or something. I only try to use it with clean fingers from JUST washing my face.
but i am kinda excited abou finishing the clinique stuff.