February 2nd, 2009

BBW 06 succulent

ok another adipositivity comment

the site is doing special pics in honor of valentine's day.
and i have to say i really love the one for feb second to me it's really beautiful

not safe for work images of course here is the little note attached to the page

"In honor of Saint Valentine (and that sickflutterylove feeling you get in your stomach), The Adipositivity Project will feature a different photograph daily from February 1st through Valentine's Day, each depicting a fat woman with her squeeze. This means images of a more sexual nature than you're used to seeing here. If that sort of thing makes you go all Aunt Bea, better sit this one out, and we'll meet ya back here around mid-month.

Happy Valentine's Day/s!


I personally love this site and i truly love seeing beautiful images of women who look like ME. Granted some are bigger or smaller or whatever but it's nice to see women who look more like me than i've seen in fashion mags or whatever.
This site gives me hope that maybe one day someone will look at me like i am a thing of beauty instead of something that is to be hidden away and shamed or to be ashamed of.
To me it's a site that validates the beauty of every woman, not just those lucky enough to look like angelina jolie or actresses on tv in movies or whatever that are all size 0 the women who get the lead roles that men swoon over and the bigger women get to be the quircky cute sassy best friend cus they are fat and GOD FORBID anyone find them attractive or the only role they have in movie/tv show or whatever is to be made fun of by said hunky actor or whatever. Fat women are more than just a punchiline my friends we have feelings and emotions and it hurts to be the butt of a joke or whatever. Fat women CAN be the leading lady and i think that every little girl big or small should be told this always. I have tried to do this with all the little girls in my life.

and now with all the IMs i am getting i have totally lost my train of thought... so this is where i will end this which may be good cus i was getting kind of emotinal.
POTC - Will- liz's leg _closeup will's f

Writer's Block: Been There, Done That

If you could live one day in your life over and over, which day would it be?

ok well i take this to be a greatest day in your life that you would want to keep reliving over and over like wedding day or whatever... I don't have one of these yet.
but if we are going to do like in the movie groundhog day that you are reliving it to find some sort of deeper meaning to how you have been living your life well i'd pick a day in the summer when i was on vacation in florida on the beach. perfect place to figure out which direction my life should take ... and i could get tan.