March 6th, 2009

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Writer's Block: Miss Manners

What recently developed technology—cell phones, wi-fi, laptops, handheld gaming devices, etc.—do you think has had the worst influence on how people behave in public?

Cellphones and probably Mp3 players or cellphones with mp3 players
#1 people on cellphones are too busy on freakin phones or texting or whatever to either pay attention to drive or to pay attention to the people they are actually with face to face.

#2 too busy with music to pay attention to surroundings and/or people they are with.

if you are out in a social situation it is not polite to be on the freakin phone. HANG IT THE FUCK UP, stop texting/listening to music and pay attention to who you are with
If you are paying more attention to your stupid phone than the people you are with you are a rude fucker.

if you are driving HANG UP THE FUCKING PHONE AND DRIVE pay attention to what you are doing on the road. i've been nearly killed by idiots on their phones a million times.
I want a bumper sticker to paste on all 4 sides of my car that says "Hang up the phone and drive"