December 1st, 2009

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Ok I am all kinds of jazzed....

got a record player/cd/cassette/radio that records to cds I need to dig out all my records. I had some easy to get but the rest are in a closet that my computer desk is in front of. Those will not be easy to get to. Most of the records are or used to be my parents but I now claim them as mine.

Most are from the 60’s and 70’s. i have the beatles white album, the doors first album. The Easy Rider Soundtrack. Jimi Henrix and Otis Redding from the montery pop festivel. Saturday Night Fever soundtrack. I am listening to my Madonna Like a Virgin album right now. Next will be Thriller since these are mine my mom bought them for me when they had come out.I have to say for me being 8 years old when this madonna album came out I took pretty good care of it. hardly any scratches. This won’t be put on cd since it does have scratches and i have the mp3’s of these songs anyway but I am so excited about this player. I need to find our old christmas albums, Right now I only have Barbra Streisand a christmas album out. I know we have a chipmunks christmas and a few other chipmunks records. I have chipmunk punk from back in the day with the chipmunks singing the knack and the cars and i think blondie songs. At least these albums were in easy reach. I had a record player when i got my first stereo but it broke and haven’t had a record player since. These albums were just put in easy reach unlike the others. I have a load of elvis records that were my grandma’s that I got when she died.

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Writer's Block: Smoke screen

What are your feelings towards smoking? What rights do you think smokers and non-smokers should have?

OK I am a social smoker, I smoke when I go out (sometimes) not that I can smoke in bars anymore or anything :(
I think that the government shouldn't be telling people they can't smoke by banning it in most places except your fucking house and your car.
I think that instead of insane high taxes on cigarettes they should tax alcohol just as much since drinking can also kill you. I guess it's more socially acceptable to be fall down puking in your purse drunk than to OMG have one cigarette.
Drinking causes diseases as well as smoking,but I guess that's ok too.
In my opinion if you are going to tax vices why not tax all vices equally. I mean they raise taxes on cigarettes and when people quit or get their cigarettes from different states or whatever and they aren't getting the tax money they expected from it they bitch. Maybe if they raised taxes on booze people would not get so ridiculously fall down idiotic drunk and drive their cars and kill people. It would be too expensive to get that insanely drunk. I think drunk drivers can do a hell of more damage than a pack of cigarettes.
When I smoke I try to be polite about it. I mean I don't think it's my god given right to smoke any time any place unlike some people. If I know people are non smokers I try not to let my smoke go up their nose (well when we were in bars but you can't smoke in bars anymore in Illinois)
If I knew someone really hated smoking and they were in my car I wouldn't smoke just because they were with me.
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A sad day in Chicago history.

Ok today is the anniversary of the Our Lady of the Angels school fire.
it's been 51 years since the fire.
My dad and aunt went to the school at the time of the fire. My Aunt was in the grade the ended up losing a lot of kids. She was actually supposed to have been in one of the classrooms that lost many many children. My grandparents had moved from the neighborhood but then moved back and my aunt wasn't in the room she should have been. She was due to be transferred into that classroom in a week or so. Her best friend Suzie was the worst burned and lived the longest after the fire. Suzie did end up passing away. My aunt has told me about the fire many times, she ended up staying after she got out of the school and witnessed some not so nice things. My dad was a year younger than her and went straight home he's never talked about it but anyone who knows my dad knows he never tells ANY stories about when he was a kid.
I read a book about the fire when i was in 3rd or 4th grade. A classmate (she was a bit older than my aunt) who was burned in the fire wrote a book called The Fire That Will Not Die (her name was Michele McBride in case anyone wants to look up the book it's back in print. I need to get it again I have no idea what happened to the two copies we had here) It's about her experiences as someone who was burned in the fire.
There is also another book called Angels Too Soon there is also a program called chicago stories on WTTW tonight (for those in chicagoland) that talks about the fire it's on one of the digital channels. On Comcast here in chicago it's on at 9pm on channel 243 if you don't have comcast it's on 11.2 (I think that's the from the OLAfire website they sent out an email about it being on.) I haven't been able to get thru the book To Sleep With the Angels it's just too sad but they do talk about the person who could be responsible for the fire. For a long time people blamed the janitor. My aunt has told me about the kid that they think did it. His family moved out of the neighborhood sometime after the fire.
The OLA fire site has pictures and lots of stuff on it. I've even found pictures of my dad and aunt with their classes in the photos and news area in the class photos area. Kinda weird to see my dad that little and in school lol.
i was going to set this post as friends only so it didn't get imported to my facebook but I'm going to let it stay public.