July 13th, 2010

DC - Capt. Phil

Just watched Deadliest Catch and After The Catch

I'm just so sad about Phil. Yes, I never met him but watching him all these years you feel that you do.
This has been one of my fave shows since I started watching. I look forward to it and Phil was seriously one of my fave Captains and the Cornelia Marie has been a fave boat. Ok the Northwestern was my top boat for awhile but I have to say CM topped it just cus of Phil's one liners. I need to go thru my dvds and make a Phil's greatest lines video.
I have been meaning to do a deadliest catch marathon for awhile. It's big brother season so I say I am gonna do all of this but it may wait til after BB. (unless bb stays kinda boring and I can get my DC viewing in during BB.)
Next week's deadliest catch and Phil's tribute show will be hard to watch too. At least this show his death came at the end, the impact of his death on the boys and the fleet will be really hard to watch next week.
I feel so bad for his sons. Again, I know I don't know these people but we've watched these guys go thru so much these past few years. Especially when Phil had that blood clot go thru his heart.
Having his sons on the boat with him you see such a different dynamic than the other boats ... even with Time Bandit, Wizard and Northwestern and there are brothers there. It's different with it being a father and sons. You can usually see how proud he is of those boys. Even when he's yelling at them lol.
Ok I am done rambling about DC but I had to post something about it.