July 18th, 2010

The Tudors - Anne Masked

Writer's Block: Vampires, again?

Is there a TV show that everyone around you watches that you really don't get or like? If so, what is it? To what do you ascribe the odd fascination?

the only one I can really think of is Glee. I dunno the story just doesn't interest me. And I'd rather listen to the original songs. I don't get dexter either I tried watching it and it bored the shit out of me and I haven't turned it on since. (I was a fan of six feet under and love Michael C Hall)
BBW 01 - big can be beautiful

I love this

I love love love love the beach and swimming and the ocean. Too many people avoid the beach and swimming because they are fat. To me this says fuck you to all of those who think fat people should not wear bathing suits or be on the beach.
This is just such a beautiful shot.