September 1st, 2010

DC - Capt. Phil


I guess I am not as insane about the facebook/twitter thing as others. I don't get may comments lol maybe that's why. I am kinda jazzed about the facebook log in thing so that those who wander over here from my facebook can comment. I love that. Instead of just using openID which for some can be confusing (don't judge you web savvy peeps)
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my chinchilla - Frost "whatchoo lookin'

ok facebook users... you can now use facebook connect on LJ

kinda like openID which I had posted about before for those who do not have an LJ account. You can comment on the stuff I post here using your facebook account

Log into LiveJournal with Facebook Connect
In order to spread the love, Facebook users who do NOT have LiveJournal accounts can now log in, comment, view friends, and join communities using a Facebook log-in/ID and password (much like OpenID). To log into LiveJournal using your Facebook account, click on the Facebook button located in the log-in area of the LiveJournal header