September 21st, 2010

Gordon Ramsay fucking hell

fuck fuck fuck fuck

just spilled a good amount of one of my fave perfumes. Dior's Pure Poison Elixir. its in an atomizer type bottle. I had taken a shirt off and carelessly tossed it towards my dresser and since my dresser is full of perfume bottles it was towards the edge. i didn't notice and the bottle fell on top of the shirt. Now my room smells of perfume which I love the perfume but it is way too much. I just tossed the shirt in the washer.... but now i have not even a quarter of the bottle of perfume left (i had about half a bottle before it spilled)
I am so upset with myself. I don't know if they sell this in stores anymore and not that I have the cash right now to replace it. I don't have a credit card or I'd look to buy it online. :(

I guess this is what I will ask for,for christmas. I added it to my amazon wishlist so I can hope someone I know sees it and knows just what to get me.
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no use crying over spilled perfume.... yeah fucking right...

Ok last night I ended up washing my shirt. Finally when it was in the dryer I went to sleep. It still smells faintly of perfume. I probably should have washed it twice but I had it in the super clean cycle with the double rinse and I thought that would work. The basement sinks (where the water from the washer ends up) smells of my perfume too.
I am sooo bummed out about spilling this perfume well because it was a limited edition perfume. why couldn't it have been a perfume I have an extra bottle of like the regular pure poison... I have another full bottle still in the damn box.
I have only spilled one other perfume. I had a bottle of Eternity that was the parfum with the stopper on the bottle. That one spilled on my carpet and took forever for my room to not be headache inducing. That one I didn't feel as badly about though since it's not like they stopped making it. I don't wear Eternity much nowadays anyway since Gloria had started wearing it after my gramps started wearing eternity for men. I dunno they had to match or something and I just couldn't bear wearing the same perfume that she wore. It had been my signature perfume until then. Now after all the stuff that happened with gloria I really don't know if I will ever wear it again. Ok yeah it's unfair to blame a fragrance for someone being a royal bitch... but it happens.

Man, I am just hoping I can replace that perfume.. hopefully before christmas. Now I have to use it even more sparingly than before since I have so little left.