September 24th, 2010

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nail update....

it's friday no chips. I did end up with a crack in my nail BUT it was already forming my other crack is still there too I had to touch that up with sally hansen's insta fix BUT I am going out today to get some silk wrap and glue to fix then without worrying that the insta fix won't hold.
I did find  with the help of the nail gurus on MUA a video to fix splits with nail glue and using a teabag. Hey in a pinch that's awesome but I don't have nail glue soooo since i have to buy that anyway I am gonna get the wraps.
The instant artificials is really great stuff. I know most people can't go 5 days without a chip in the polish and this has stayed on. Granted I used that rock topcoat as well but I think the 2 coats of IA made a huge difference.
Since I am gonna get the wraps I might just change my nails and do a colored polish just to hide the wrap.. if it doesn't get transparent as I'd like for the bare nail look that I usually like.

 I just wanted to give you a quick update on this stuff. I keep trying to convince my mom to try it but she hasn't yet.
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Writer's Block: You and me and baby makes three

Do you think having children is a fundamental human right? Should there should be any restrictions?

Normally I'd say yes.
But I've seen more and more news stories about parents helping bully or even encouraging their kids to beat people up or whatever.
I have issues with these people being parents. Kids do stupid shit... we all know this. We've all done stupid shit as kids but our parents are there to guide us to better decisions. what happens to society if the parents are as immature as the children? These kids grow up with no sense of right or wrong and that's what their children learn. It's a never ending cycle.
I am with kids all the time. I've watched kids most of my life. I am a person who helps teach these kids right and wrong. I am personally responsible for leading kids on the right path.
The more I see parents being involved in some of this horrible behavior the more I think there should be some kind of test before someone has a kid. Kids are nasty to each other as it is the parents shouldn't be fucking helping. Kids need to learn to take responsibility for their actions if their parents are in on it how are these kids going to do that?

ok yes so I've gone off on a tangent but this shit really bothers me
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Nails are wrapped and polished

my pinky looks a little bit thicker due to the wrap being on it but I can deal with that.I left my nails natural cus they didn't look that bad.some people have imperfections on their real nails so i am not too bothered by it. I have to say the wraps weren't that hard to do. it was getting them to fit that was a problem. having to trim and trim I did use only one wrap for both fingers since i had so much leftover. I wasn't going to waste it.
I did two coats of IA over the wraps then did one of rock topcoat. I probably could have used another coat you can faintly see the cross marks of the wrap but no one would notice that but me.
I really would like to get a uv lamp to cure my nails but today was sunny so i went outside to cure the topcoat. the UV light will have to wait cus that bad boy is like 50 - 60 bucks
Seche vite has one but the reviews on that one arent good. that one cost like 24 bucks.

My other middle nails is a tad weak i am always paranoid about breaking it even with the IA I think i filed it weird so that is the problem. I may end up wrapping it but who knows. I have to say that instant artificials was so worth it. i totally love it.
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Baby Update:

ok my SIL is due the 26th. She went to the doc thursday. The baby has turned... and she could come pretty much any time now.
My SIL wants it to be this weekend. She just wants to be done with this pregnancy. She's uncomfortable and wants to be able to be comfortable when she sleeps.
So I guess we shall see if Ginnie is born this weekend. If not her next doc appointment is on tuesday.