October 8th, 2010

my chinchilla - Frost

now I get a short vacation....

I really did not have a vacation this summer when Kelly, Bill and the kids were on vacation for 3 weeks. I was busy watching Evan almost every single day. Well now my SIL is on maternity leave and Kelly, Bill and the kids are going on a short vacation next week. So guess who has time off???? ME!!
I am bummed that I'll be broke... but it will be nice to do nothing.
Today was a busy day. I picked Liam up from school stopped at the house to grab the key and the library card. Then went to visit my SIL and the kids. Liam had a class at the library at 2 so we had to hurry up and get there. I met a Mom last week that was pretty cool. Not the usual pretentious Elmhurst type. She was there with her son today so we chatted while the kids did their story time class and then the kids played for a little bit after until we had to leave to pick up Chloee from school.
Then after picking up Chloee it was time for homework and Chloee had to get ready for her gymnastics class.
It was busy busy busy, I felt like I was rushing all day well which I kinda was since I was hurrying from one place to the next.
Chloee and i talked about doing her nails to match her halloween costume. I was trying to do a cool water marbling thing with a hot pink and a black that did not work... not sure if it was just cus i was using a sinful nail polish or what. I may get a china glaze neon pink and try that. BUT if worse comes to worse we can paint her fingers with the hot pink and i have a few stencils for some nail art we can try to get something cool for her nails.
My mom had me talk to Gayle about picking up Evan on saturday. We'll take him for the day. We miss having him around. I know I miss him so much. It was nice to hang out with him today. When we got there he ran up to me and wanted me to pick him up. and then when we were leaving he was upset he could not go with.
I guess my brother is doing work over at my SIL's parent's house so she mentioned kevin bringin Ev over there and me picking him up from there... well that would even be better since their house is like 5 mins from mine.
I totally lost my train of thought I am tired so I will just end this entry here.
BTTF01 - MJF - "save clock"

first day of my short vacation

Here I sit on my chair and I have 3 dogs in my lap plus my netbook. Let me tell ya it's not easy to type lol.
My brother and sister in law are on vacation they left last saturday and will be back on wed. We are dog sitting.
These guys are pretty needy if you are sitting they need to be on you.
I love them but sometimes it can get annoying. Especially those days where you are up and down off the chair or couch cus just when they all lay down again you need to get up.
I had all this stuff to say a little while ago, now I am blank.
I am sitting here watching 9 to 5 waiting for Ally McBeal reruns to come on the reelz channel going thru my tumblr dashboard and reading thru my twitter timeline.
aaah gotta love lazy days.